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The Genealogy Experience
The Court House

Court House Research

The trip to the Court House in my home town at first was a very frustrating event for me the first time. I just thought I could go right in there and BOOM find everything I wanted with the snap of my fingers. Boy,was I wrong. Being new at genenalogy I found out first hand that I wasn't ready to tackle this trip and left with out anything my first time. I brushed up on what I needed to know so I could get the help I needed from the clerks there. If you know that your grandparents or Great Uncle owned land in the county where your Court House is then have the information that the clerk needs in order to help you find it.Such as names,dates,where property was located, Marriage dates and name of Bride and Groom and if looking for a will names of the deceased. Copies of these records are usually low cost so have a little extra money on hand when you go to places.Sometimes if you are lucky enough you can hit a treasure in the basement of these Court Houses. Many old records are place there to open up space for the newer records that come in daily,so don't forget to ask if they house any old records that you may be allow to sift through. I found out that these basements are often very dusty and a change of clothes in the truck might be handy. Another thing I highly suggest is wearing a good pair of walking shoes.

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