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The Genealogy Experience
Birth,Marriage and Death Certificates

Getting your documented proof.

By this time you should have some documented proof to add to your family history. This is very important to have,because it does prove that these people were born,lived,married,maybe had children,died and left a legacy for others in the family line that you can now say "This family belongs to me".
Vital records is the next step I took to continue the thirsting quest in my heart. I sent off for birth and death certificates of the family members I wanted most first. You can obtain this records from the Vital Records Office in your state capital. Sometimes,in larger cities you can get them at the court house. The fee for such records vary from state to state. It also depends on if you want a short form,which only gives limited information or the long form that gives alot. Little by little add to you family history by obtaining as much of this information as you can. The social security office can also help you get information on relatives who fill out forms to get it that might show valuable information that you might not have.

On to the cemetery......