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The Genealogy Experience
Walking the cemeteries

When I started walking the many cemeteries that I have been to I have seen many beautiful headstones that I wished I could have taken a picture of but had forgotten my camera. Some of the very old ones are artistic art,the chiseled artform of long ago. My choice is a small camera with plenty of film,maybe a little brush to brush away dirt so I can see the name and date. Again please wear a good pair of walking shoes. Charcoal rubbings is a great thing to do if you have children along who get bored with the idea of looking at the headstones.Please be very careful not to disfigure the stones as they are the final resting place of our relatives. A good angle for taking the picture is a must,sometimes the bright sun causes your names on the stone not show well that is why I go later in the day after 11 in the morning. And please wear plenty of sun screen so you don't get badly sunburned. Sometimes I take a thermos along as well as a brown bag lunch!